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Data Intelligence has added Rosoka GeoGravy integration to the Entity Analytical Platform.  Rosoka GeoGravy software provides the benefit of adding locations, cities, buildings, roads, landmarks and facilities to Data Intelligence entities.
GeoGravy is location intelligence, providing advanced analytic information incorporating cartographic data that enhances Data Intelligence entity analytics. GeoGravy offers extraction tagging, keyword tagging, or coordinate Latitude/Longitude identification.  Data Intelligence entities, enhanced by GeoGravy, are displayed on Open Source maps based on GeoGravy coordinates.
Data analysts submit Source Documents through the Data Intelligence Platform and Rosoka GeoGravy returns geo-aware entity nomination results.  Data Intelligence integrates GeoGravy through an API solution resulting in more complete data that merges complex business information with geographic tagging, listing or area information. 
Rosoka GeoGravy is provided by IMT Holdings. IMT Holdings, Corp. (IMT) develops and delivers the best in high-value, Business and Government Analytic information software products. They specialize in natural language processing (NLP) for content analytics, including entity and relationship extraction and Geospatial coordinate mapping and geotagging products.

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