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  • Business
    Sector Intelligence
    Business Intelligence
    Analytical Sharing
  • Defense – Intelligence – Counter Terrorism
    National Security
    Intelligence sharing of terrorist networks
  • Cyber – Computer Security
    Cyber Intelligence and Defense
    Social sharing of threats, targets and sources
  • Data Science
    Data Analysis
    Data Mining
    Predictive Analytics
    Data Visualization
  • Law Enforcement – Counter Narcotics – Homeland Security
    Analysis of Narcotic and Gang Networks
    Collaboration between analysts, law enforcement and partners
  • Social Media
    Social Network Analysis
  • Financial
    Financial Intelligence
    Forensic Accounting
    Corporate and Bank Analysis
  • Recruiting
    Professional Network Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing
    Market Analysis
    Direct Sales
  • Business Integration
    Integration with the Entity Analytical Platform and other BI software products
    Business Development Opportunities